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Demonic Alien Nephilim Remains Found in Isolated Cave Plus Speeding Orb Sighting in Australia (Videos) | Paranormal

📺 - Paranormal - The world is full of mysteries. I gather the most unexplained videos and create a compilation from Goblin Fairy Dragon Mermaid Ghost Demon Alien ...

The biggest secret of mankind - The Clementine conspiracy a.k.a. Project Golden Dragon - YouTube

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Gettysburg Battlefield is one of the most haunted places in the U.S. War, nearly 8,000 Union and Confederate soldiers were killed and tens of thousands more were injured there on July 3, 1863. ...

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Alien City Walls Discovered On Mars & More! 11/29/16 via @YouTube

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While watching "Ancient Aliens - Unexplained Structures, season 2, epidsode 8", while Giorgio Tsoukalos was saying, "We are talking about stone age time", this image appears in one of the stones at Carnac in France. Did anyone else see this image appear as the camera zoomed in on a monolithic stone? Take a look for yourself at 25:07 in the video at the following link:

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The following video was leaked from a News room, showing unedited discussion of the Chicago O'Hare Airport UFO case among news broadcasters. 2006 O'Hare International Airport UFO sighting

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U.S. Prison Alive Aliens! [VIDEO]

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