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One of the most destinctive aspects of New Zealand schools are the uniforms. Americans will find it curious that for the most part that primary children do no wear uniforms, but almost all secondary schools require them. This was common in Britain during the early 20th century when school uniform trends were established in New Zealand. It is just the opposite of trends in America where many primary school children wear uniforms, but uniforms are much less common in secondary schools.


st. anthony’s nurses, 1933. Nursing has come a long way. I still remember graduating from nursing school in 1984 and we still had to wear our hats at the Catholic Hospital I worked for. It wasn't until a year later that they let us wear pant uniforms and no hats (so scandalous!!)

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История школьной формы в России: от XIX века до наших дней

From 1943 to 1954, in most urban schools practiced separate schooling but nevertheless, uniforms introduced in 1949 and it is becoming a common and compulsory for all students of USSR. Attire for girls consisted of a brown dress with a black apron, white collar and cuffs. In the days of the solemn black apron was replaced by white. The boys were required to wear the military tunic with collar small stands.


1930s school uniforms - Google Search This pin shows the history of school uniforms. This is 80 years ago. School uniforms have a long history, so it isn't something that students should complain about.


I think that uniforms should be worn in schools. As you can see, this boy from the 1930's is wearing a school uniform. The reason I think this way is because uniforms have been around for a long time. If the school district were to change that then things would be very different. I feel like people are just so used to seeing people with uniforms and if it were to be otherwise it would be a very unusual.