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Unit Circle Calculator

10 Secret Trig Functions Your Math Teachers Never Taught You...(because they are from a pre-calculator world) A diagram with a unit circle and more trig functions than you can shake a stick at. (It's well known that you can shake a stick at a maximum of 8 trig functions.) The familiar sine, cosine, and tangent are in blue, red, and, well, tan, respectively. The versine is in green, and the exsecant is in pink. Excosecant and coversine are also in the image.

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Calculate the Circumference of a Circle


Quadratics, including Vertex, Line of Symmetry, Graphing Parabolas, T-charts, Y-intercepts, X-Intercepts, Standard Form, Vertex Form, Graphing Parabolas, and examples. Finding Roots, Zeros, Solutions, X-Intercepts.

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Unit Circle Guided Notes High School Math

These 12 page unit circle guided notes delve into the mathematics of the unit circle. Focus is placed on an understanding of side lengths of 45 45 90 triangles and 30 60 90 triangles. This understanding is then transferred to the unit circle. Students will calculate the coordinates of the unit circle using right triangles.

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