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Journalist killed but proven facts live on: 1. Hillary emails prove US State Dept and WH knew Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding Islamic State. 2. US wanted Islamic State to grow proved by leaked intelligence docs. 3.Over 50 000 foreign Jihadists mostly came from Turkey. 4. Al-Qaeda controlling border crossings from beginning of war. 5. FSA Weapons given/taken by ISIS Nusra Al Qaeda. 7. Free Syrian Army works with Al Nusra Islamic State. 9. Turkey helped Islamic State and Al Qaeda…

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Russian President Putin's Ally Issues Sinister Warning To US Voters


The president of the United States of America speaking the truth for once, About time. Now, May God Bless and Protect America from the next president whomever it might be.

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U.S. Freedom Army on

As long as BC & HC make money that's all that matters. We need patriots to enlist at http://USFREEDOMARMY.COM .