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Cheerios Cake

And Perler beads. Those suckers take forever to sort. People, however, should never be separated.

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10 Words of Wisdom From the Late Maya Angelou

Diversity: Every person that you encounter is unique to our world. This is true in our classrooms. Each child comes form a different family, in a different background, and have different beliefs. All of that is okay! Everyone is allowed to be different and should be accepted for being their self.

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4 lessons we MUST teach our kids about racism

At Patheos Family, come alongside Ashley Willis and share in the ups and downs of womanhood, marriage, and parenting with lots of laughing, passion, and Christian perspective.


"Diversity@Work" is an operating principle we at MSLGROUP live by, helping us to ensure we consistently reflect - and value - the diversity in the world around us. A career with us means saying goodbye to 'sameness', and hello to a multi-faceted world of work.

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Why You Need To Pay It Forward

Why did you choose each pin? because we can all coexist even if our cultures are different How does each pin relate to the course? how colored people are still considered the minority. What readings or films can you relate it to?