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Ubuntu: a South African theory of 'humanity towards others', often used in a more philosophical sense as 'the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity'. READ:


Please pray for peace and sanity for the U.S. Disliking another race is simply not rational. A minority of police have had no regard for the life of another person—black or other, and have committed atrocious crimes against their fellow man; other cops have used poor judgment. ~ Raised fist symbol: raising one arm in the air with a clenched fist. Meaning varies based on context. Communists and socialists have called it the red salute; black rights activists have called it the Black Power…


ღღ We should remember this every day of the year.. And practice it. No matter what religion we believe in.. ~ Kat


(first version)The Lovers card! Its meaning is pretty self-explanatory. I thought I’d attach the first version we did, which was just Jace and Clary. For whatever reason it wasn’t working for us. Maybe because Jace looks slightly evil? :) Also I felt like there are so many characters whose relationships could represent unity and love. So we decided to make it a flippable card, which worked either way up, and have Magnus and Alec represent love as well.