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23 Reasons Why Edmonton Is The Worst City In Canada

Going to school there would be the worst torture imaginable. | 23 Reasons Why Edmonton Is The Worst City In Canada


School: I would like to go to the University of Alberta for my bachelor of Education (elementary route K- Grade 6). Not only do they have a good academic program they also have a great volleyball team

UF mascots Alberta and Albert cheer on the Florida Gators at a football game in the Swamp.


A 95-million year old snake (Pachyophis woodwardi) fossil found in marine rocks at Bosnia-Hercegovina. [Michael Caldwell ©, University of Alberta, used with permission]


The view of downtown Edmonton from the High Level Bridge, right beside the University of Alberta.


The near-complete skeleton of a baby Chasmosaurus, a relative of the Triceratops, found in Alberta’s badlands [Credit: University of Alberta] The internationally renowned University of Alberta paleontologist unearthed a remarkably preserved, near-complete skeleton of a baby Chasmosaurus belli. It’s the first time anyone has found a baby of this species intact in 150 years of digs at Dinosaur Provincial Park—or anywhere for that matter. That makes Currie one proud papa.