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THE STORY: I started collecting these soon after moving to Sweetwater, Tennessee. (I have a few others in my store and some more that I should run across as I continue unpacking, so let me know if you want me to contact you when I find more.) If youd like all four in the final picture, message me to be sure I still have them all, then select from the options. I used to keep my collection of these on built-in shelves in my living room. You can go here to see what the shelves look like…

After a day of moving and unpacking have you ever just started throwing stuff away?

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A Guide to #Unpacking After #Moving #Home to #Islington

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Welcome to our first house together! After 6 months of searching I'm so happy that @whittlayne and I found a place outside of Detroit to call our own. We are finally settled in after a long couple of weeks of moving unpacking and furnishing with the help of our gracious families. Had to get the chalkboard wall I painted in our kitchen a little dusty. Excited for things to come as we start this new chapter together! by seantulgetske

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A Guide to #Unpacking After #Moving #Home to #Islington

A Guide to #Unpacking After #Moving #Home to #Islington

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