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On May 27, 1941, the Bismarck was spotted by a pair of British destroyers and sunk. In total, 2,200 German soldiers were on the ship when it went down and 115 people (1 cat) survived. The surviving cat was a black and white patched cat named Unsinkable Sam (Oscar), who was discovered floating on a board by British troops. He was the only survivor found by the British destroyer HMS Cossack.


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Sam the Cat Unsinkable Sam was a remarkable cat who managed to survive three shipwrecks during the Second World War. The first sinking ship that Sam (then known as Oskar) managed to survive was the Bismarck, downed in a sea-battle on May 27, 1941: Sam lived while over 2,000 crew died. He was the only survivor picked by the British battleship the HMS Cossack, and was coincidentally renamed Oscar. The Cossack was in turn damaged by a German torpedo later that year. As it was being towed to…


Unsinkable Sam, the cat who survived three sinking military ships.

Unsinkable Sam - The Cat Which Survived Three Sunken Ships in...