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Never base your life decision on advice from people who…

Never base your life decision on advice from people who don't have to deal with the results.


Unsolicited advice, coercing, controlling, labeling, judging, and meddling are just a few versions of violence that deeply affect us. “These versions of violence,” Morissette writes, “sometimes subtle, sometimes clear. And the ones that go unnoticed, still leave their mark once disappeared.”


Unsolicited advice can make you look ignorant and insensitive. There are much better ways to help a struggling friend!

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What's Really Behind Unsolicited Advice?

We're all prone to getting unsolicited advice from friends, family, or strangers at times. People give advice for many reasons, some of which are well-intentioned, others less so. It can be confusing knowing what to do with all the types of unsolicited advice that we encounter, so it helps to examine where the words might be coming from. Here are some common reasons people are compelled to give unsolicited advice.

Thank you for your unsolicited advice. Allow me a few moments to pretend to carefully consider it.