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Upper grades

This FREE resource will walk you through how to do shared reading with your upper grades (3rd-6th) students for 10-15 minutes daily to build fluency and comprehension skills. All you have to do is find the weekly articles. Included in the resource is a 5-day instructional plan for both nonfiction and fiction articles.

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Daily Three in an Upper Grades Classroom

Daily Three Reading Centers in an Upper Elementary Classroom. Read about this teacher's reading centers and grab some FREE accountability forms.

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Celebrating 100 Days

Celebrating 100 Days in the Upper Grade Classroom - many ideas for how to celebrate 100 Days across different subject areas (contains printable template for writing activity)

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Teaching Main Idea in the Upper Grades

A 5th grade teacher shares her introductory lesson to main idea, topic sentence, and key details.

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Guided Math in the Upper Grades

Guided Math in the Upper Grades: Read this post to read about how a fifth grade teacher uses centers in her guided math classroom.

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Learning's a Hoot: Number of the Day This might be ok to use a little later on during the year, or for a Number of the Week assignment. There's a blank template at the end so you can use numbers more appropriate for your grade level (although you might have to re-do some of the wording on the activities).

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A post about doing guided reading in middle school. Very applicable to upper elementary and some good ideas for organization.

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