Modern Foil Stamped Business Card With Vintage Styling For A Tattoo Artist

I combined two pintrest ideas to come up with this. The plate came from Target and white paint for his foot print and Sharpie markers for the phrase and color. great xmas ideas super easy!

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Inscribed as carton boxes... maybe we could have them unfold and have messaging on the inside? Then shipping crates could be filled with shredded brown paper/shredded cardboard? All can be composted or repacked to go to the next spot.

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Organized Hardware - In this drawer, movable partitions are held in place by strips of foam weather stripping at the front and back. The 44-plus boxes rest on edge, labels up, for easy grabbing and stowing. The labels are typed on a computer and printed on sticky label sheets. Think of never having to wonder where to find a 1-in. drywall screw or a 3/8-in. washer! Shop for boxes at craft, tackle, office or dollar stores or online.

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Buy white paper lanterns at any party store. Print out Jack Skellington pumpkin carving pattern (also pinned here). Cut out pattern. Tape or glue to lanterns. Instant Jack Skellington paper lanterns! (You can also light them up with string lantern lights). Halloween with Tim Burton ~~ Halloween Party Decorations & Ideas

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Great idea! pick up a plate at the dollar store,write it with a permanent marker and bake on 350 for 15 minutes.It cures the print so it won't wash off.Have done this with dollar tree coffee mugs

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