Upside down peace sign

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Acquired in the summer of 2016 - a FULL (96 count) easel back standee display of individually packaged 1960's Peace Sign PLASTIC Stickers. Made by the great IMPKO decal and sticker company of the Hippy era. Odd that they would package the peace signs upside down.

For what some people call the ," peace sign " has been used for over a thousand years before the 1940's

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Turn Peace Up Bangle Silver Bangle. Turn Peace Up phrase with upside down peace sign. ☮️ Gently used but in great condition. Alex & Ani Jewelry Bracelets

Actually, the left sign is upside down - It should symbolize the Arms for a smooth Energy flow up...

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Petrified Wood Peace Symbol on a garden stake! The Peace Sign first appeared in 1958 at a Nuclear Disarmament March in London. Designed by Gerald Holtom for use as a Nuclear Disarmament logo, it combines the semaphore signals for the letter N (two flags held in an upside-down V shape) and D (one straight up and the other straight down). Never patented, the symbol was adopted by the peace movement, and is today an internationally recognized sign of peace. Groovy!

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@Grandparentscom Mercedes-Benz The Mercedes-Benz logo almost looks like a peace sign or an upside down steering wheel. In actuality, the shapes that make up the logo symbolize a rich story of post-war history. Mercedes-Benz is the product of a merger between Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG) and Benz Patent Motorwagen after World War I. The new logo encompassed the DMG three pointed star and the Benz circle. The three-pointed star was created by DMG’s founder Daimler to signify prosperity.

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