If traces of urine odor remain on your carpet from an unfortunate accident, that odor may signal to your pet that “This is where you go”. Since many pet urine stains are invisible to the naked eye, you can use a handheld blacklight to spot them. Just turn the lights out and move the blacklight around the room, a few inches above the carpet, until you spot the conspicuous glow of a urine stain. Then tackle the stain immediately.

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How to Get Urine Stains Out of a Mattress (I bet this would work for food/drink spills on mattresses too! Uses hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, dish soap)

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Here's a simple (and inexpensive!) trick to removing black pet urine stains from hardwood floors!

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DIY Pet Stain and Odor Remover Recipe| Great for tough cat urine stains| Mountains Mamas' Blog| http://2momsnaturalskincare.com/

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UPDATE: So I tried this out yesterday: the solution foamed up and clogged the spray nozzle so I couldn't spray it. My next move was to put the H2O2 in the spray bottle by itself and sprinkle the baking soda on top. That worked great! I still have a little ring from the stain by the odor is gone! (How to remove urine stains from a mattress)

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- To remove the urine smell from your hardwood floor, use enzyme cleaners such as Kids and Pets, Urine-Off, Simple Solution. - If your wood floor is badly stained, try using bleach. Sanding and revarnishing are also options but should be used as last resorts. - Image courtesy: woodfloordoctor.com

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