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Is that not what URL stands for

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Love this, but it means Senatus Populusque Romanus, or the Senate and People of Rome, just so you know.

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Guitar STand

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HAHAHA YES HARU WOULD PROBABLY DO THIS LOL #free. <<< The foreman are just standing there like wtf

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I can completely see Cas not getting that, though it would be more in character for him to just look confused until one of the boys explained.

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Her favorite subject in school was her social justice class. In this class she learned how she can help people and why. Also it was her favorite because she could relate to it a lot and incorporate it into her life with ease.

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''If I had a dollar for every time Dean and Cas look at each other's lips, I would have enough money to buy the fucking CW and make them kiss already.'' / SERIOUSLY, THOUGH

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Daredevil Cliffs, Inishmore coastline, Aran Islands, Ireland. Click here for great adventure walking holidays in Ireland:

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This Abandoned Synagogue Is Hauntingly Beautiful -- Even In Ruins

This Abandoned Chicago Synagogue Is Hauntingly Stunning -- Even As It Stands In Ruins (PHOTOS)

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After seeing this, I now want an old pipe stand like my Grandpa had. I have just the right set of gold colored flatware to display like this (1) From: Christine's Home And travel Adventures, please visit

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