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Us Embassy Bahrain

Story: Some Bahrain Trouble-Makers Just Won't Mend Ways - by Brij Sharma - Who hasn't heard of Nabeel Rajab in the Arabian Gulf? Ever since he set up the so-called Bahrain Centre for Human Rights some 14 years ago, this trouble-maker has been in and out of detention, jail and courtrooms [where the representatives of western embassies are invariably present] with royal... #MiddleEast

In A Humanitarian Gesture Bahrain's Prime Minister Donates Money To Odisha Man & His Family Sometimes help presents itself from unexpected corners. Remember Dana Majhi - the Odisha man who walked 12 km with his wife's dead body on his shoulder? He has just been offered help from none other than the Prime Minister of Bahrain. Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa was so upset by Dana Majhi's plight that he decided to extend financial support to the man and his family. The world can take…

CHILLS— Republican Ad Bashing Obama on His Socialist Beliefs Will Give You Chills (Video) >> This is the most important election of our time. It will define who we are as a country. Will we be free? Or will we be owned by government? Will we be prosperous? Or will we force our children and grandchildren to carry our debt? Will we lead the world? Or will we settle for 18th place behind Bahrain and Qatar? We decide on November 6. This latest Republican ad ought to give you chills.


Iran Emerging From Sanctions Faces Crisis After Saudi Arabia Embassy Attack

"Korean Movie Night" is hosted by The Embassy of The Republic of Korea Movie (1): Forever the Moment Time: 5:00 P.M. Date: Wed 9/12/2015 Venue: Cinescape Laila Admission: Free Movie (2): How to Steal a Dog Time: 7:30 P.M. Date: Wed 9/12/2015 Venue: Cinescape Laila Admission: Free ------------------------------ Organizing Committee Korean Kuwaiti Cultural Diwaniya Follow us on: Facebook: Korean Culture Diwaniya Instagram: @Han_Kut Twitter: @Han_Kut #kuwait #q8instagram #q8events #cinema…

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Bahrain International Airport (مطار البحرين الدولي)

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Saudi Arabia sees 'no effect' from break with Iran on Syria Yemen - The Express Tribune

Soon, a Sri Lankan embassy in Bahrain thanks to Jacqueline


UN Security Council condemns attack on Saudi embassy in Iran #RagnarokConnection

Qatar’s emir has appointed an ambassador to Iraq, the first since the embassy was closed 25 years ago, Iraqi and Qatari media said, in the latest sign of a thaw in relations between Gulf Arab countries and Iraq. #businessnews #emiratenews #news #business #dubai #mydubai #gccnews #gccbusinesscouncil #gulfnews #middleeast #socialmedia #gulfbusinessnews #oman #ambassador #iraq #qatar #bahrain #kuwait #saudiarabia #economy #isis #syria #turkey #gcc #MENA