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This bipolar star-forming region, called Sharpless 2-106, looks like a celestial snow angel. It is nearly 2,000 light-years from us. A massive, young star, IRS 4 is in the middle of the formation. Twin lobes of super-hot gas, glowing blue in this image, stretch outward from it. (NASA/ESA/the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA))

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Becoming a #TaxProfessional, Earning Potential, Support and Career Paths @Adela Milosova @Agustin Marques @AIRBRUSH DVDS @alfff

If your income last year was less than $57 thousand, file your federal taxes electronically for free with Free File.This year, 15 private tax preparation companies are participating in the Free File program. They all have different eligibility rules, so use this "wizard" to find the best one for you: Note: You may have to pay to file state income tax forms electronically.

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Tax Prep Checklist

Keep your documents in order with this easy-to-use tax prep checklist. Whether you file your own, or use a CPA, this handy cheat sheet will make sure you remember everything!

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IRS Forms & Publications - Need to print some tax forms, you can search through the forms for whatever your tax needs are on the IRS website.

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Tax Lawyer Tax Attorney Timothy S. Hart | Tax Help for Tax Problems - Specializing in Unified Tax Returns

360° Panoramas of Artists in their Studios - Bohonus VR photography

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Understanding Taxes~ IRS site accesses all the great educational content found in the Understanding Taxes program on the Internet! This online version includes detailed lesson plans, interactive activities, simulations, and more!

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