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Us Treasury Bonds Rates

Modeling The Economic Implications Of Higher Interest Rates |

Why Rising Interest Rates Could Be “Potentially Lethal” Interest rates are soaring… The yield on the U.S. 10-year Treasury note has jumped from 1.37% to 2.3% in just four months. The yield on the Italian 10-year government bond has more than doubled since August. Libor, one of the world’s most important benchmark rates, has jumped…

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New Investor's Guide to Inflation & the Inflation Rate

INFLATION RATE - Inflation Rate matters. Inflation represents a decrease in purchasing power of each unit of currency (in the case of the US, this is most often measured in form of 1 dollar). Certain types of assets have some degree of inflation hedge built into them. Includes cash generating real estate, high quality blue chip stocks, small businesses, & Series I savings bonds. COD or US Treasury bonds, do not. That means the latter can often have higher risk, even if the prices fluctuate…

Have you considered investing? Now may be the right time! Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac lenders offer all-in interest rates that are fixed at just under 4.0 percent for 10-year loans or a little more than 200 basis points higher than the yield on 10-year Treasury bonds.