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Denmark’s Earliest Kings Were Also Pirates

Viking piracy laid the groundwork for the Danish monarchy. “Essentially, Viking raids between 800 and 1000 CE funded the building of a Danish royal power,” Heebøll-Holm tells Johansen. Viking pirates used expeditions and pirate-approved methods to struggle for power, unite their own warriors and fund their ongoing activity, Johansen reports.


The so-called Turin Papyrus Map, drawn about 1160 BC by the well-known Scribe-of-the-Tomb, Amennakhte, son of Ipuy. It was prepared for 20th dynasty king Ramesses IV's quarrying expedition to the Wadi Hammamat in the Eastern Desert. The purpose of the expedition was to obtain blocks of bekhen-stone (sandstone) to be used for statues of the king.

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Templar Ankh for the True Seeker of Self-Mastery and Immortality

It is believed that during their many crusading expeditions, the Knights Templar were initiated into the mysteries of ancient Egypt and preserved those ancient symbols and ways, using this knowledge in sevrect magickal ceremonies. The wearer of the Templa

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Taking Back the Trees: Amazonian Warriors Combat Loggers

Taking Back the Trees: Amazonian Warriors Combat Loggers - NBC A Ka'apor Indian warrior uses a chainsaw to ruin one of the logs found during a jungle expedition to expel the loggers from the Alto Turiacu Indian territory.


Tripura Sundari Temple This temple is one of the 51 holiest 'Shaktipeeths' (Shrine of the goddess of power) in India as per Hindu mythology. The Goddess ‘Kali’ is worshipped in her incarnation as ‘Shoroshi’ (sixteen year old girl) in the temple by professional priests. An idol of smaller size of Maa Kali called 'Chotto Maa’ who stands beside the presiding deity used to be reportedly carried along by the kings during hunting expeditions and also during war for improrptu worship in tents.

This organizer can be used as a prewriting lesson for fairy tales. They can brainstorm the different elements they want to include in their fairy ...


The Pyramids At Jebel Barkal, Used By Napatan Kings, Karima, Sudan | por Eric Lafforgue


Nalasopara - Buddhist Stupa & Chakreshwar Mahadev Temple - The four bearded heads and the ayudhas of Brahma are a dead give away. Ayuddhas … Sruk or Pali the ladle used for pouring ghee on the sacrificial fires, the palm leaf manuscripts of the four Vedas, the rosary of beads and the kamandalu”

transit of Venus 1882 - Rather than using wet bromo-iodide plates to capture the image as was done for the Transit of Venus in 1874 only 14 years earlier, these images from 1882 were made on dry collodion emulsion plates – a much more practical method. The Naval Observatory and Transit of Venus Commission sent 8 parties around the world to observe each of the transits; the results of which were important for determining the sc