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The Kayak Kaddy is a versatile, floating trailer that glides behind your kayak, canoe, or stand up paddle board (SUP). It holds and protects your valuables while you enjoy the water. The Kaddy can be used for: Kayak Fishing, Camping Trips, Wade Fishing, Spear Fishing, Outriggers on your kayak/SUP and more!


Use wire to attach a cork to your keys so they will float if you drop them in the lake or river

Find out which fishing line to use at different depths, and more with our line guide!

Do Fish See Line?: Decoding Research and Manufacturer Claims

Find out which fishing line to use at different depths, and more with our line guide!


Diy PVC rod holder for kayak fishing made for 1" thin wall pipe cut in 10" and 2" sections with 1" fittings and joints Use PVC cement Takes 10 minutes $20 at your local Lowes or hardware store


Proper Kayak Maintenance - If every paddler had their way, kayaks would glide through the years without a scratch or dent to it’s hull. But let’s be realistic here – a well used kayak takes a beating! The good news is that kayaks are very resilient and kayak maintenance requires minimal effort. There are a few basic things to do and think about to keep your kayak and equipment in good shape and soon, it will be routine!


Florida Boat Ads is an easy-to-use boat classified website for boat buyers and sellers in Florida. Listings on all types of boats including: power boats, sailboats, fishing boats, kayaks, trawlers, bass boats, pontoons, inflatables, houseboats, yachts, and personal watercraft. Also includes listings on trailers, engines, and boating accessories. Our focus on Florida Boats enables buyers and sellers to complete transactions in a more efficient and timely manner, with no state lines to…