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2012 Land Rover Range Rover HSE White

from Man Crates Store

Outdoor Survival Crate

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All-new from the ground up, the 2013 RANGE ROVER uses an all-aluminum unibody structure — a first for a SUV — and an all-new aluminum front and rear chassis architecture to shed around 700 pounds compared to 2012 models. It pulls this off while adding nearly 5" of rear seat legroom, the next-generation of the Terrain Response system, and a range of V8 engines mated to new eight-speed ZF automatic transmissions, and retaining its legendary off road capabilities.


WORK - Navy Blue Long Wheel Base Range Rover. This £182,000 car is used by Harry on Engagements around the UK


Range Rover Evoque. A true Range Rover in compact form. Range Rover Evoque in five door form offers breathtaking contemporary kinetic design with added practicality, superb accessibility and extraordinary versatility. Bold and compact, Range Rover Evoque uses the latest materials and technology to help make it the most efficient Land Rover vehicle ever. #RangeRover #LandRover #Evoque