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Our National Used Woodworking Machinery Listings - Week of November 21, 2016, include a Used Jet Dust Collector - Model DC-1200VX-BK1 - $385 and a... Used Single Head Wide Belt Sander - Timesavers S311-13-1 - 37" - $7,850 Used Brandt Automatic Edgebander - Model KD-78CF - $16,500 Used Uhling Case Clamp - Model HP3000 - $9,925 Used Griggio Edgebander - Model - GB 60/10 - $6,500 Used SCM Sliding Table Saw - Model SI 400 NOVA - $7,250 Used Maggi 32mm Borer - Model System 46 - $6,900


Used Stanza Moulding Sprayer - Model STS300/6 - Call for photos. This used moulding sprayer, manufactured by Stanza Machinery, allows for maximum workpiece dimensions of 12" Wide x 3" high and a minimum workpiece length of 30".

Used Dodds Dovetail Machine - Model SE-1 - Call for Photo. This used dovetail machine, manufactured by Dodds Machinery, features a 1-1/1" min to 15" width capacity.

Used Evans Pinch Roller - Model 256 - $4,650.00. This used pinch roller, manufactured by Evans Machinery, has a 62" Width capacity.

Used Whirlwind 18 Inch Up-Cut Saw - Model 212R - This used up-cut saw features a cut-off capacity of 4 x 10 , 2 x 12 or 1 x 13 in.

Using Pipe Clamps for Woodworking - Clamp and Clamping Tips, Jigs and Fixtures |


6 Beginner Ways to Use a Woodworking Router

A rabbet is a recess or groove cut into the edge of the wood, usually used on the back edge of a cabinet or the sides of a bookcase. Most routers can accommodate a variety of rabbet bits, which cut the grooves to the desired width.


Accurate bandsaw adjustments make all the difference between a so-so cut and one that requires little cleanup. During a visit to the shop of premier master craftsman, Michael Fortune, he shared with us how he uses his $350 bandsaw to get results you’d expect to see from a saw costing two or three times as much. Here’s one of this shop-proven tips. The ideal setting for guide blocks, according to Michael, removes any side-to-side play in the blade without rubbing constantly on it. “I fold a…