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Commonly called "telephone poles," utility poles carry a lot more than just phone service. They also conduct electrical power, street lights, internet, cable TV, signs, surveillance cameras, traffic signals, pedestrian signals, and seasonal decorations.


Great way to store mops and brooms in your utility closet The hooks are from Lowe's in the garden section. Remove the utility pole and slide the hooks on. They also work great in the clothes closet to hang belts or umbrellas.


Freestanding fence corner focal point Maybe I should do this around my utility pole to keep all the Haymount dogs from making their mark on my pole/grass!!


Osprey, also known as "Sea Hawk", the body can be 24 inches long and the wing span is 71 inches, it nests in any location as long as water is near, found on every contenant except Antarctica, the nest is a large heap of sticks, driftwood and seeweed built in forks of trees, rocky outcrops and utility poles, they mate for life