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What a Vacuum Pump Does?

A vacuum pump is a machine which creates the vacuum inside a sealed container. It is widely used in the industrial areas for various applications like pharmaceutical processes , sewage systems, automobiles, industrial etc. There are various types tools available such as dry screw vacuum pump and dry piston vacuum pump etc.


make a manual vacuum pump for under $20 by converting a bicycle pump

Make a manual vacuum pump - by converting a bicycle pump... You can convert bike pump into a vacuum pump that can take over 75 percent of the air out of something. That's several times as strong as a vacuum cleaner, and 1/3 as strong as the best possible vacuum pump. Vaccum to press Resin in to wood, or colored liquid in to the handle. A manual vacuum pump can used to make a "vacuum press" to clamp laminates together with a ton or more of force while the glue sets.


The Frank Lindhardt Flush Kit connected to a JB vacuum pump which filter the oil and performs the power flush. This pump is used to run the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer.


How to seal a mason jar WITHOUT an electric vacuum sealer. I didnt need a big expensive Foodsaver Electric Vacuum Sealer. This automotive vacuum pump and wide mouth mason jar sealer works well for the one thing i need it for... sealing food for storage in glass jars. This is also good for disaster prep and SHTF food storage that works even whe...