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Value of silver coins

List of Valuable Dimes

The dime coin has been in circulation since 1796. Dimes made before 1964 have a base value of the current price of silver. The most valuable dimes are measured by such standards as condition, rarity and date of the coins, and can be worth in excess of $2 million.

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!965 SILVER dime VERY rare. $9000.00 These 5 coins most vaulable but LOTS of error coins to look for and collect !

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10 Valuable Coins That Might Be In Your Pocket

10 Valuable Coins That Might Be In Your Pocket -

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Anatomy of a Coin shows the places of importance on the coin to make it rare and valuable.

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A list of the most valuable silver dollars - including Morgan dollars, Peace dollars, and Eisenhower dollars.

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A wonderful site and the best part its FREE yes FREE you dont have to buy a book to find out the values of your old coins.

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Pre 1965 US mint silver coins. Maybe one of your best investments. Some of your savings should be stored in US minted silver change, available from coin dealers in various quantities, ie 100 oz silver or hundred dollar face value bags. Because of the recognition and denomination sizes (dimes, quarters and half dollars) they are better than 1 oz American Eagle Silver coins for your smaller day to day retail business transactions--should the need arise.

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Different types of Washington quarters through the years. There are some Washington quarter issues that are rare or valuable. public domain photo

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Obverse of "Peace" Dollar, designed by Anthony de Francisci, model is his wife Teresa

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