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1885 Morgan silver dollar value has risen with the price of silver. Using grading images, accurately judge the condition of your coin and often it is worth more.


1804 Draped Bust Dollar When the Jackson administration, in 1834, wanted to dole out coin sets to foreign dignitaries, there was a problem - silver dollars hadn't been pressed for thirty years, to combat a rash of counterfeit schemes. The mint was ordered to press eight silver dollars for the occasion and they were dated 1804, the only dollar coins that would ever bear that year. Today, each has a value of over one million dollars.

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Gloucester, MA

Proposal to investor: Hello my name is Jay I am a aspiring creator/designer of private minted custom 1oz .999 fine silver rounds/coins, the concept in called micro minting and that is private minting / creating/designing your own silver coins/rounds, best example is a multi million dollar Bullion Buis called ( SBSS) silver bullet silver shield, silver is a very small market with very huge potential for profit and gains with little counterparty risk as silver itself will always hold value and…