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Car maintenance diy 4: 5 unknown reasons why your car's fuel get used up quickly and how to minimize fuel consumption There are a whole lot of things that contributes to extra fuel consumption driving styles excesiive load faulty fuel gauage tyre pressure and lack of maintenace culture. The factors that affects a vehicle's fuel consumption are further outlined: 1. Driving habit/Driving style. An individual's driving habit has a lot to do with fuel efficiency. If you drive like a Formula1…

Tyre Gloss Extra Value Tyre Gloss is formulated to clean and deep shine tyres leaving them with a rich, ultra black, glossy finish. This foam application is easy to apply and dries quickly leaving a lond lasting protective barrier that will guard against road grime, environmental contaminants and oxidization. Tyre Gloss restores tyres to their original showroom shine and finish. SH671 (560ml)

In Pune, here is lots of best tyre repairing service provider present all over. But tyrehealth gives the best and high quality service to their clients by their skilled staff of board. It’s a good tyre service provider that will mention their values.

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Vision Our vision is to become a unique brand synonymous with trust, innovation and unwavering commitment to core values focused on providing our customers with the best value and service for all their automobile tyres and related products/services needs....

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