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ValuJet Flight 592 - ATC Recordings [IN-FLIGHT FIRE] - YouTube

May 11, 1986 ValuJet Flight 592 in the Everglades of Miami, FL. All 110 people on board were killed.

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1996 ♦ May 11 – ValuJet Flight 592, a McDonnell Douglas DC-9, crashes in the Everglades near Miami, Florida, because of a fire in its cargo hold. All 110 people on board are killed.

ValuJet Crash Of 1996 ~ A rescue hellicopter (L) and airboats look through the debris of Valujet Flight 592 after the DC-9 crashed 11 May some 20 miles NW of Miami International Airport

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The day a plane with 110 people disappeared into the Everglades

It vanished with barely a trace. ValuJet Flight 592, with 110 people on board, plunged into the Everglades after taking off from Miami International Airport 20 years ago, May 11, 1996.