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33 Magical Disney Decorations You Need In Your Life

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MYTHOLOGICAL WEATHER VANES DRAGON Dragon Weather Vane Web Wing Dragon by West Coast Weather Vanes. This Dragon Weather Vane can be made using various metals and optional gold or palladium leafing. This symbol used when celebrating the Chinese New Year.

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How to Make a Wind Vane

Activities: Make a Wind Vane SCI.2.2.1 2010 Construct and use tools to observe and measure weather phenomena like precipitation, changes in temperature, wind speed and direction. SCI.2.2.2 2010 Experience and describe wind as the motion of the air.

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Robin Weather Vane Feeding Chicks by West Coast Weather Vanes. This version of the weathervane features a baby chick on each directional. When it is placed outside and the wind blows, the mother robin "feeds" her baby chicks. The original idea of incorporating the directionals into an active design element of the turning weather vane, is an original design concept by West Coast Weather Vanes.

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Antique Weather Vanes

A richly detailed c. 1870 copper rooster, complete with a ball-and-arrow base, rests on a plain modern stand. The original mount would have been custom-fitted to the roof on which the rooster formerly perched.

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