Maine Vape Company Sample Pack - Maine Vape Company - Sample PackIncludes One 60ml Bottle of each Flavor, as well as business and flavor cards.Limit One per Store.Ships from Maine Vape Company - Maine

California Vaping Company Sample Pack - California Vaping Company - Sample PackIncludes One 15ml Bottle of each Flavor.Limit One per Store.Ships from California Vaping Company

California Vaping Company Re-Fresh 30ml - The freshest menthol medley yet. Enjoy a cooling concoction of lemon, lime and cucumber while being blown away by an intense mint flavor from organic mint leaves.60% VGShips from California Vaping Company

California Vaping Company Kentucky Sweet Leaf 15ml - A rich and smooth tobacco sweetened with honey. A splash of bourbon is added along with hints of hazelnut.60% VGShips from California Vaping Company

Frosted Vape Company Frosted Fuzzy Nilla 60ml - Ever tried a peach milkshake? This well-balanced blend of vanilla ice cream, fresh peaches and a glass of cold milk is as close as it gets.Ships from eCig Distributors Inc - California

The Fritz By California Vaping Company 60ml - Crisp and Fruity apple fritter donut with milk 65% VGShips from California Vaping Company - California

Barista Breve by California Vaping Company - No grinders, measuring spoons or coffee makers required! Speed up your morning routine with this caffeinated eliquid that gets its flavor from organic coffee and vanilla beans.60% VG

AZ Vape Company Sample Pack - AZ Vape Company - Sample PackIncludes One 60ml Bottle of each Flavor and a flavor menu.Limit One per Store.Ships from Vape Wars - California

White Mango by California Vaping Company - Sweet and crisp white mango with a fresh coconut and pineapple flavor mixed to perfection.60% VG

Chocolate Milk by California Vaping Company - Natural chocolate doughnut holes rinsed down with a glass of chocolate milk. 65% VGUsually ships in 2-3 days.

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