Maybe it's from my time living in Sweden w/ the heavy use of dill weed, but I loved that fresh element in this salad...only 1 tbs of Veganaise was needed for 4 servings worth of potatoes. I eliminated nutritional yeast.

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Slightly healthier ramen noodles. May have to make this sometime just for old times sake. (Could also use udon probably for less calories.)

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We (even Jane!) love the Vegan Stoner's Peanut Stew (+ seitan & a little chili-garlic sauce, and with whatever beans seem pleasing--chickpeas or otherwise). Fast easy hippie food hooray.

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Forget the vegan part, use the real ingredients of these and just the vegan guidelines: "Italian Sub" String Cheese, marinara sauce, Bread, meatballs

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I make this all the time, great for lunches. My 3 year old niece liked it and she is really picky so maybe other kids would too

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