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10 healthy homemade snacks. Vegetable and fruit chips or crisps as Kale, carrots, bananas, apples, sprouts, beets, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, cucumber and zucchini (courgette). You have to try them!

from BuzzFeed

25 Baked Alternatives To Potato Chips And French Fries

<b>Make healthy, baked versions of your favorite junk foods for something way more unexpected than your typical greasy potato-based sides.</b> You might have never known that turnips, beets, and zucchinis could be so indulgent.

from Leite's Culinaria

Homemade Vegetable Chips

Homemade Vegetable Chips Recipe - time to bust out the mandoline and put those root veggies to good use

from The Kitchn

Here's Why You Should Never Throw Out Potato Peels — Tips from

This plate is stacked high with crispy, chewy snacks that fall somewhere between potato chips and French fries — and it's all because I didn't throw out my potato scraps. Yes, my potato peels — the ones I made while peeling spuds for mashed potatoes. Now that I know this snack trick, I'm never throwing out my potato peels again, and here's why you shouldn't either.