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Vegetable Garden Fences

garden fence....this is what we need for ours b/c the animals...badger, deer, racoons....and who knows what else had a field day in our garden last yr! No matter what we did they still found a way to get in!

Deer-proof vegetable garden A graceful, tall fence keeps deer out of this edible garden in the country. When you garden in deer country, growing vegetables can be a real challenge. To keep out high-jumping deer, many gardeners surround their crops with tall fences that have the look of a maximum-security prison.

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vegetable garden fence ideas productive and beautiful vegetable garden eden design 2272x1704

simple fence. Just a few posts, use 2x4s or similar to connect posts, then staple chicken wire into the frame this creates. from Designing Domesticity

I really like the fence. Doing something like this -- with a cute bistro table & chairs in the middle would be a nice way to keep out the animals.

Martha's veggie garden... can you imagine having a garden that large??

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asparagus bed how-to, Martha Stewart. Good idea for a permanent asparagus area once the fence is put up. Maybe clear area by the generator

Vegetable Garden Fence Plans | Backyard vegetable garden fenced in

This do-it-yourself pest gate is removable and can help keep out unwanted guests..

A double fence around a vegetable garden will keep the deer out but not the tomato eating squirrels.

enclosed garden- wood stained with Super Deck "Weathered Wood" and Del Rio 3/8" gravel on the paths

Plant With Sunflowers Cucumbers are sweeter when you plant them with sunflowers! By Mariann Grow Near An Archway Hanging Basket On A Fence Try growing your cucumbers in hanging baskets hanging on a fence. If it's a wooden fence, all you need to do is stretch a wire or some string along it so as the cucumber has something to grow along. I have found that you have to water daily.

Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers in Raised Beds, Stone - Gravel Path, & Fenced in to protect or just for pretty!

Impressive Herb Window-box - so gratifying growing your own food even if you only have space for herbs.

Elegant Deer Fencing Encloses a Vegetable Plot, Gardenista

vegetable-garden Raised beds are ready for planting, I like this idea a lot and love that it's fenced in as well. Great ideas on this website.

vegetable garden

Deer, rabbit, and gopher -proof your vegetable garden. Fencing strategies: Tall for deer, dense and buried for rabbits, mesh-bottomed beds for gophers/diggers.

576 square foot garden to feed four plus . . . not cottage but definitely garden dream!

How to Keep Animals Out of Your Garden—An artfully designed double fence keeps deer from jumping into the vegetable garden and also provides an attractive trellis for climbing plants.

More vertical gardening info, includes links with plans and instructions for building a few types of trellises. yourself.

Raised Bed Vegetable & Herbs Garden Fenced Gate, stone pebble walkway, protection from pest animals, fruit trees at rear

How many times have you carefully planted a vegetable garden, only to have the fruits of your labor eaten by wildlife? The only real solution is to erect a fence that keeps the animals out.

Container therapy at its best!! veggie garden contained in willow fencing that looks like baskets.

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    Love the willow fencing, but aren't those beds too close together? How could you walk between them?

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