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Vegetable Stock Cubes

Ingredients for Making Perfect Vegetable Stock... We always keep a "stock bag" in the freezer for making broth from trimmings. Just don't use peels of non-organic produce like onions, carrots & potatoes or you get pesticide broth. Ick.

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Homemade veggie stock powder (raw & vegan). This would make a nice gift, maybe in a basket with a recipe & a few more items. :)

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Tesco 10 Vegetable Stock Cubes 100g

DADO GRANULARE FATTO IN CASA | GENUINO senza GLUTAMMATO e conservanti | Sano, genuino e naturale || Homemade vegetable stock cube - without monosodium glutamate! stock cube DIY

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Oxo 24 Vegetable Stock Cubes 142g

Easy Roasted Celeriac Soup

Easy Roasted Celeriac Soup - 1 kg Celeriac, diced 1 Garlic bulb 3 tbsp Olive oil 1.45 ltrs Vegetable stock (made with 2 stock cubes) 1 tbsp Lemon juice (or to taste) Salt and freshly ground pepper Chopped chives to garnish

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Homemade Instant Bouillon Cubes

You’ll never guess how easy it is to make your own homemade instant bouillon cubes and once you try these, you will never want to buy any store-bought bouillon again!

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For a veggie option, use a vegetable stock cube and leave the bacon out of the croutons.