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15 Torturous Conversations Every Vegetarian Has To Endure

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Not that I don't like veggies or hummus but this is too funny. Gemma Correll #Illustration #Cartoon @Heather Cooper-Koziol

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23 Photos That Are Way, Way Too Real For Vegetarians

Pro vegan: funny. Correction: I try to not look like this, but sometimes it is irritating. Especially when going anywhere else wasn't an option. Don't be a dick, and I won't have to act like a bitch.

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19 Awkward Moments Every Vegetarian Understands

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17 Funny Vegan & Vegetarian Tee-Shirts That Will Prompt A Conversation

Ever since I stopped eating animals, I've developed a curious new online shopping habit. I tell myself it's because I'm looking for the perfect image to accompany a story about veganism and vegetarianism, but that's just an excuse. I'm really just en

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16 Things That Will Inevitably Happen When You Become Vegetarian

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Eat Fruit Stonewash Muscle Tee

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“@Regrann from @vegan.funny.girl - How to stop cravings for junk food. If you are facing this problem don't worry junk food cravings are only bad habits…”

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When Vegetarians Hunt

I AM TOTALLY DOING THIS AND TWEETING IT TO PETA!!! I love when #vegetarians and #vegans do clever things!

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