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Дарлингтония дает сотни семян но её все же удобнее размножить делением. Darlingtonia pitcher plants produce hundreds of seeds in 5-chambered capsules but are actually much more successful at vegetative reproduction by rhizomes. #oregon #botany #pnw #plants #darlingtonia #pitcherplants #carnivorous #carnivore #canon #65mm ( # @botanicalbill )

Stapeliads: Beautiful and interesting plants. This picture belongs to Jose Luis Eslava He produces cactus and Succulents He did this photo many years ago when he was making cuttings for vegetative reproduction of Huernia zebrina This is his address: https:www.Facebook.comcactusuculentas.cuautlamorelos

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Reproduction in Plants Clipart

You'll be getting a huge set to teach all about reproduction in plants! This set contains 64 graphics (32 coloured, 32 lineart) of the following:Asexual Reproduction:Binary Fission (3)Spore Formation (2)Budding (2)Vegetative Reproduction (3)Regeneration (3)Sexual Reproduction:Structure of Flower (1)Fertilisation (3)Formation of Fruit (3)Germination:Dicot (6)Monocot (6)Check out my other Biology Clipart sets that you may need:Cells (Plants and Animals)DNABird BeaksHuman ReproductionHuman…