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Take sections as wide as your roller, and spray with hair spray or a volumizing product. roll under hair, all the way to roots. Spray once more and attach clip to hold roller. Once all of hair is rolled, do a quick blow dry over head to add heat and set curls. Use this time to do makeup After 20 minutes or so take out rollers, sticking fingers inside the roller and gently pulling down makes roller removal easier. Run fingers through hair and set with spray.


#bighair 1. #blowout with roundbrush and products 2. Take large sections from the front to the back, curl with a 1 1/4 inch iron for about 5 sec. , quickly over direct a soft Velcro roller in and pin. 3. Set to cool for about 10-20 min. 4. Spiral the rollers out and spray with light hold hairspray


17 Thin Hair Tips, Tricks and Hacks To Get More Volume

1. Add volumizer to your root. Blow dry upside down 2. Put up in bun 3. Once hair has cooled, take down and roll the center section in velcro 4. curl remainder of hair up and back 5. Continue curling and setting them in clips or with large bobby pins. 6. set for 15mins 7. Take everything down slowly 8. Curl the top pieces from velcro roller 9 Tease the crown a little 10. Mist with hairspray