Free - Venn Diagram with lines --use it to compare Admiral Perry with Matthew Henson -- great for character traits, skill sets, background, etc...

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Venn Diagram Shapes Curved or Straight: Practice sorting items into groups based on attributes by using this Venn Diagram printable worksheet and help your child strengthen their sorting and reasoning skills. Do the shapes have curved or straight lines? or both?

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*FREE* Venn Diagram Sunny And Rainy Day. Practice sorting items into groups based on attributes by using Venn Diagrams.

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FREEBIE!!! A simple blank Venn Diagram to help your students compare and contrast. ENJOY!!!

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The teacher could have this venn diagram on the board and call on students to come up and come up with an idea or two and where it goes. Have class check them. JR

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Interactive Venn Diagram using large hoops and vocabulary cards. Post includes a freebie - Clever Classroom blog

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Fiction vs. Nonfiction Venn Diagram cut words apart, have students sort. great way to gain their background knowledge!

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Make use of our colorful Venn Diagrams to illustrate the connection between your company’s core values, mission and vision. To personalize your PowerPoint Presentation, text boxes can easily be exchanged with personal writing. Creating a PowerPoint Presentation has never been so easy! Download now at

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