Free - Venn Diagram with lines --use it to compare Admiral Perry with Matthew Henson -- great for character traits, skill sets, background, etc...

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Interactive Venn Diagrams: Keeps students engaged, allows for collaboration, and helps students build mental maps to better understand concepts. A great learning strategy for any content area or grade level!

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Mitten Venn Diagrams - 5 pages. Packet includes 3 mitten Venn diagrams including 1 where students compare and contrast 2 animal characters from the story The Mitten.

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Venn Diagram Worksheets - Set Notation Problems Using Two Sets

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The teacher could have this venn diagram on the board and call on students to come up and come up with an idea or two and where it goes. Have class check them. JR

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Interactive Venn Diagram using large hoops and vocabulary cards. Post includes a freebie - Clever Classroom blog

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