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Venus de Milo: 1lb lean ground beef 1pkg. onion soup mix (cook together until beef is browned) Add 16oz crushed tomato Add 32oz. Beef broth Add 2 cups water Bring to a low boil Then add 1bag of mixed veggies Simmer for 30 minutes Add cooked pasta (I used orzo) Simmer for 10 minutes


Venus de Milo Soup Recipe. I live 5 minutes from the Venus de Milo and I love this soup, so I can vouch for the authenticity of the flavor. Super simple and a crowd-pleaser. It's nice to be able to make this at home sometimes instead of ordering in!


APHRODITE / VENUS Goddess of love, desire and beauty. There are two accounts of her birth. One says she is the daughter of Zeus and Dione. The other that when Kronus castrated Uranus, tossing his severed genitals into the sea, she arose on a giant scallop and walked to shore in Cyprus. Zeus married her to Hephaestus to control the other gods jealousy. Aphrodite later was both Adonis' lover and his surrogate mother. Myrtles, doves, sparrows, horses, and swans are sacred to her.