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30+ Brilliant New Words We Should Add To A Dictionary

Bedgasm: the feeling of euphoria when climbing into bed at the end of a very long day.


The original hipster was a manic jazz pianist in the 1940s 1948 Harry The Hipster Gibson performs with his band in New York. Image: William P. Gottlieb/Library of Congress In the first decade of the 20th century the words hep and hip were used interchangeably to mean aware. The precise origin of the words is unknown though one theory suggests slaves from Senegal used the wordxipi (pronouncedhippy or hippehin the native Wolof language) whichmeans to have your eyes…

"Cunt: considered to be the most vile, obscene and vulgar 'swear word' in the English language, the word 'cunt' in the vernacular means vagina. As if that is not indication enough why it is considered so vile a term in the vagina-hating Patriarchy, the word itself was originally a term of respect and reverence for a powerful, spiritually enlightened woman."