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    vertical garden from old crates, Cool Vertical Gardening Ideas,,

    Above In The Photo Is Another Great Ideal For A Vertical Garden

    If you are not sure that you have the space to do traditional gardening, take your thinking up! GO VERTICAL! Here are some ideas for big and small spaces!

    Instead of the usual lattice, put in a vertical garden that doubles as a privacy screen.

    Vertical Succulent Planter. For a bare wall, such a planter becomes much like a living piece of art. Easy to grow plants include dudleyas and sedums. They grow very easily from cuttings. Once established, these plants require little water.

    How to: Make a Modern, Space-Saving Vertical Vegetable Garden #Outdoor_And_Garden #Top_Garden #Best_Garden #Garden_Decor #Garden_Ideas

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    21 DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas #Gardening_Ideas #Top_Garden #Best_Garden #Garden_Decor #Garden_Ideas

    Vertical Gardening

    Love how these plants are draping down and adding movement to an otherwise normal wall. Plants can be focal points, too!

    Choose safe methods for growing veggies vertically, here are some great ideas and things to consider.

    .ψ.Ψψψ.. how to plant a vertical garden :

    Vertical Garden Wall

    Excellent idea for indoor garden. Space-Saving Vertical Vegetable Garden

    Vertical Gardening Is The Way To Go If You Have Limited Space For Gardening. It also makes for easy pickings.

    Not all vertical gardens are of this grand scale, and the increasing popularity of utilising the concept in home spaces is rising.

    Grow a Vertical Garden [Chapter7] Homestead Handbook | Minimal Space Gardeing Tips and Ideas by Pioneer Settler at

    Here are eight ways you can grow potatoes in a ‘no dig’ vertical garden. theownerbuilderne... Because potatoes are a high yielding crop, you only need to set aside a small area to grow them. The whole idea of the ‘no dig’ principle is that you keep adding soil as the potatoes grow.

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    One person's trash is another person's vertical garden—here, empty plastic soda bottles are packed with soil and hung from a clothesline. Get the tutorial at The Dirt.

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    Vertical Garden Wall

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    DYI Pallet Vertical Herb Garden: Most of us live in narrow and really limited living space and cannot afford a garden place. To feel the greenery and pure nature so close even you are living in a compartments, we have some great pallet garden bed for you. We have reclaimed DIY pallet vertical herb garden by using some rustic pallet skids lying in our backyard for nothing. This came up with as a very thrifty and adorable way to get a chic garden place.