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Chicken Vesuvio is a Chicago dish filled with lots of garlic, oregano and wine. And, of course, chicken. And I didn’t mention the potatoes; Golden brown crispy potatoes covered with garlic and oregano and wine. The smell alone could make you think you died and went to heaven.


Chicken Vesuvio

Chicken Vesuvio- One of my FAVORITE Italian meals ever!! Just gotta learn how to cook it for myself now!


Chicken Vesuvio ala Wives With Knives... It sure sounds Italian but actually it comes from CHICAGO and it is DELICIOUS! This is the EASY EASY EASY delicious recipe for braised chicken with vegetables... A One Pot meal that is EASY, DELICIOUS and will Impress.

from Kudos Kitchen by Renée

Slow Cooker Chicken Vesuvio

Moist and meaty chicken thighs, along with red potatoes are cooked low and slow in a white wine caper sauce for this Italian classic of Slow Cooker Chicken Vesuvio.


Freezing Ramps: Chef says, "I have used this method of freezing ramps and found it to work quite well, although I used freezer bags instead of jars. I put washed & trimmed ramps into a freezer bag in a single layer, added just enough water to barely surround them and sucked all the air out of the bag. I then laid them flat in the freezer and left them like that until they were completely frozen.