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Vet Costs

Click to Help | Sweety, a Royal Bourbon, gentle dog found wandering w/a very nasty neck wound caused by a rope. Immediate care was given. Your clicks will help pay for the vet costs incurred. (Google Translated from French to English) | You may click up to five times for each animal once a day.

This Vet Is Sick Of ISIS’ Reign Of Terror, So He’s Doing This, And It Won’t Cost Gov’t A Dime -

from Salon

Donald Trump savages George W. Bush in one tweet and actually makes sense for the first time

U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump, the brash businessman who has upended the field of Republicans vying for their party’s 2016 nomination, has responded with blunt indifference t...

Save the wolves!! In April 2011, the U.S. Congress slipped a wolf de-listing rider into the federal budget bill, yanking wolves from the Endangered Species List in the Northern Rockies—where it’s estimated that just over 1500 wolves remain.

from The Daily Beast

‘Wounded Warrior’ Charity Fights—To Get Rich

The Wounded Warrior Project’s CEO wants charity execs to get a big-league salary without worries about high overhead—and he’s not shy about selling donor info.

from eBay

5 Easy Ways to Save on Vet Costs

Being a responsible doggy parent takes a great deal of commitment - and often times a great deal of expense. Not only does your furry best friend require your time and attention, he or she also needs regular...

from Canadian Living

How to prepare for your vet costs

How to prepare for your vet costs Bringing Fido to the vet can rack up your credit card bill. Here are five ways to prepare for your vet bills.