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Manjū netsuke depicting the Daoist immortal Bashikō performing acupuncture on a dragon. Ashmolean Museum.


That's One Big Hairball - The king of a pride in Keenesburg ended up in the hospital this week to have a hairball removed.

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Veterinary Surgeon - Vet Specialist

Veterinary surgeons are board certified to perform advanced general or orthopedic surgical procedures.


Petition · Mr Nick Stace Chief Executive & Secretary of The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons., The Chair of The Standards Committee RCVS.: A fair & affordable set scale of charges Veterinary Surgeon's must adhere to in the UK ·


Sheep causing a traffic jam at Hawes, Wensleydale. Medieval farmsteads are dotted across the Yorkshire Dales. With herds of sheep and cattle a common sight, a good veterinary surgeon has long been a valued member of the Dales community. A major TV series based on the writings of Alf Wight, a Yorkshire veterinary surgeon who wrote under the pseudonym James Herriot, was filmed largely in the Yorkshire Dales.

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A day at the horse-pital: Flat out on the operating table, Karma the thoroughbred undergoes tendon surgery

The veterinary surgeons keep a watchful eye on their charge during the operation.


THE BIONIC VET | "This reality series focuses on the efforts of veterinary surgeon Noel Fitzpatrick, who saves sick and injured pets using cutting-edge technology."