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By following the AS3745-2010 guidelines, employers reduce their risk of property damage, injuries or even fatalities at their locations. This can reduce the liability for employers as well. If ignored, the company could be subjected to charges of vicarious liability where the authority in charge has an obligation to control activities and protect the workplace . Learn more!

Justification of Vicarious Liability - The Lex-Warrier

The role of Museveni's army in 'police' brutality Ugandans are up in arms condemning 'Police' brutality. The current agitation was sparked off by an incident on 12th July 2016 when security personnel indiscriminately beat up harmless civilians who were cheering up the release from detention of the leading oppositionfigure Dr. Besigye. The Police Chief commended his officers for a job well done. Though parliament was divided on the matter majority of the regime sycophants defended the…


Vicarious Liability The picture shows the main content of vicarious liability. It refers to a party's responsibility for the acts of another that result in an injury, harm, or damage. If you get injured in the workplace, the employer is responsible for your injury.

Vicarious liability and violence at work #healthandsafety #ppetalk #ad #setonuk


Did you know that you can be liable for your employee’s actions, even if you had nothing to do with those actions? This is known as vicarious liability...

Vicarious Liability is a party's responsibility for the acts of another which results in an injury, harm, or damage. In a workplace, an employer can be liable for the acts of its employees. It is also known as negligence .


Responsibility No Longer Rests Solely on Carriers…Shippers at Risk of Vicarious Liability