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DIY All Natural Essential Oils Vapor Rub! Homemade Vicks Recipe for Kids! Perfect for the Fall and Winter Months!


Relieve Itchy Mosquito and Wasp Bites with Vick's Vapo Rub

Pinne says: I love Vicks. Use it for everything. Weird that putting it on your feet stops cough but it really works!


How To Lose All Of Your Belly Fat Using Vicks Vaporub (Plus Many Other Uses)

Probably all of you have heard about the Vicks VapoRub. Actually majority people use VapoRub for treatment of many health issues such as colds, congested nose, stuffiness in the chest and the throat and headaches. This product is being used for several hundred years.  In this article you can read several interesting uses of VapoRub …


Homemade Vapor Rub Recipe: Melt 1/4 cup Beeswax in 1 cup Olive Oil. Add in 15 drops Peppermint Essential Oil & 10 drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil. Stir and pour into containers. Let cool and rub on as needed. Breathe easy!


Homemade Vapor Rub with only 6 ingredients! This stuff might even be better than the store-bought stuff! Easy to make using essential oils, smells wonderful! Give it a try with allergies or a cold, cough, or stuffed up nose! You'll wonder why you never made it before! Fun, Easy recipe, check it out now!


I am sick at the moment, and these Vicks ice blocks have helped my nasal congestion immensely. I just wish we had more water for more showers and longer ones. Just mix up 1litre of boiling water and 2 tablespoons of Vicks vapour rub stirring until combined. Freeze over night and put one in the bottom of your shower and they steam up giving relief from clogged noses and ears.....