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Victorian Crime And Punishment

FIRST FLEET -- CRIMES AND PUNISHMENTS. In England fifty-five crimes were punishable by death and the English legal code was nicknamed "the bloody code".


A Jewish prostitute named Rebecca Fineberg arrested in Manchester. Her modus operandi was to "entice men into a house, get them to undress and go to bed. Whilst the man is in bed one of bullies rifles his pockets."


In Manchester, Mary Davies (if indeed that was her real name) needed a good memory. She was prosecuted under the names of Anne Cawley (1886), Hannah M Dixon (1886), Annie Lloyd (1886), Mary A Williams (1886), Mary Richards (1887), Mary Kelly (1889), Mary Richardson (1890) and Mary Farrell (1890). Maybe she simply adopted the names of women in the news?

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Binge Britain 1904: The rogues' gallery that shows war on booze is nothing new


Mugshot of Joseph Smedley who deliberately torched a stack of straw and waited for the police. The meagre rations 'inside' were preferable to starvation outside – Yorkshire 1861.

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The Resurrection Men – Body Snatching in 19th Century Britain

Set in Scotland's magnificent capital, Edinburgh, Murder dolls is a tale of serial killers, Bodysnatchers and grisly science. The story begins on a misty morning in 1836 with the discovery of 17 miniature wooden coffins.