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Life Below Stairs ~ Part Four ~ The Work Never Ends

Aún es de noche cuando Rose, la criada, se levanta y baja a la cocina. Saca las cenizas de la estufa de hierro fundido y la limpia hasta que reluce. Trae carbón del sótano, enciende el fuego en la cocina y pone a hervir agua. Luego reúne los zapatos de toda la familia para que los criados se ocupen de limpiarlos.


Character name ideas.


The Victorian Life: Modern Adventures in Nineteenth-Century Culture,Cooking, Fashion, and Technology by Sarah A. Chrisman


Victorian picnickers did not dream of eating outdoors without a kerosene burner to boil their kettles for tea. Thus, the true mark of a Victorian picnic is to make sure your food is more than cold cuts and chips. Prepare your menu as if you were hosting a proper meal in your home. And your dishes need not be overly rich or time-consuming to prepare; our Recipes section features a number of simple recipes for tea sandwiches that would be perfectly appealing for a picnic.

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Rare glimpse of 19th-century intellectual suburban life in Hampstead

An early picture taken by the Victorian photographer Emma Johnston, showing a Mr Horn, his niece and other family and friends posing for the camera


Best Books of 2014 - How To Be A Victorian: A Dawn-To-Dusk Guide To Victorian Life

Perhaps it is not my usual favorite vehicle for detail (fiction) but this book about the everyday life of a Victorian is sure to enrich my gluttonous appetite for antique customs and curiosities.

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21 Victorian Slang Terms It's High Time We Revived

21 Victorian Slang Terms It's High Time We Revived / yes, let's bring these back. // Well, aren't you just a basket of oranges.

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I love the Victorian era. So I decided to live in it.

A couple who decided to recreate the Victorian Era as their life. Also they receive death threats for being different (?!?!?!????)

from The Campfire Chronicle by Stargazer Mercantile

School Days of the 1800s

SCHOOL DAYS OF THE 1800'S: School is back in session, and as I watch the big yellow school buses driving down the road with seats full of young students, my great-grandfather’s voice comes back to me. Remember those stories about walking five miles in a snowstorm to get to school? I wonder if those grim-faced kids on the passing school bus know how great they have it. Read all about what school was like in the 1800's in my blog today!