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There was a shortage of prison accommodation in the Victorian era, so long-term prisoners were transferred to provincial prisons, or to the dreaded hulks. The hulks were decommissioned warships anchored in the mud off Woolwich. They were dark, damp and verminous and few prisoners managed to escape. This is a cross-section of a hulk called the Defence, published in Henry Mayhew’s The Criminal Prisons of London, in 1862.


Justice Secretary Chris Grayling visits Pentonville Prison on the day the government announces that male prisoners in England and Wales must work harder for privileges such as TVs in cells. Description from I searched for this on

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Fagin's children: Mugshots of Victorian thieves as young as 11 who were sentenced to hard labour for stealing clothes and metal

Victorian mugshot - Robert Charlton, 16, was imprisoned for four months for stealing two pairs of boots


The “graveyard” at Newgate Prison is a very grim-looking burial-place, which primarily serves the purpose of a passage from the gaol to the Old Bailey. Those who within the precincts of the prison have paid the extreme penalty of the law are buried under the flagstones, lime being enclosed in the coffins. On the walls on either side are the initial letters of the murderers surnames, and by this means the places of burial are recorded, though neither dates nor names are now added.


Education has come along way..No one realize how difficult handwriting is compared to Regular printing. I had to learn handwriting but once 1997 came around it was replaced with regular printing.


Jack the Ripper begins... his 1st Whitechapel murder, this would turn out to be the death of Martha Tabram, THE TIMES, London, August 10, 1888...


And let me be telling ye, if that yougn masther comes one step near me again, the carpets won't be the only thing gettin the beathing!